Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 6

Today I put in some hours subbing at the library, and while I was in town I picked up a gallon of organic milk and 4 broccoli crowns (on sale for 88 cents a pound). Also, while I was at the library, I bought a Pepsi from the vending machine for 50 cents. I had taken a soda with me, which I had a lunch, but I was feeling drowsy in the afternoon (it was really slow, quiet and warm in the library). The Pepsi just made me feel oogy and I ended up pouring half of it out, so it was a bad choice. Next time I'll make sure I take my water bottle (which I forgot at home today).

Total spent today was $2.77 and a $4.50 milk coupon.

*Adjustment* Hubby and I were talking about it today and I put the apples and oranges (the ones I bought for the TOPS meeting- see yesterday's post) into the fridge. They'll both keep just fine until next Friday, and I'll get 2 bananas before then. So, I'm adjusting my cash spent to reflect the cost of only the bananas. Just FYI (I'm sure you were worried about this, yes? no? I didn't think so either.)

Meals for today:
B: Little Bit had cereal, fruit, milk. I was craving barbecue, so I made a half sandwich and had it with some juice. Not normal breakfast food, but it hit the spot. Hubby hadn't eaten when I left for work, but I know they stayed home all day, so he might have had cereal, eggs, leftovers - not sure.

L: I took some of the leftovers from last night's supper for my lunch, along with some dry cereal (the chocolate frosted mini mini wheats, which are a great health-ish alternative to cookies!) and a banana. The family, at home, found something...again, I'm not sure. :)

S: I had gotten out some chicken enchilada soup this morning so it could thaw. I make it in big batches and then freeze portions for easy lunches or suppers. We had salad alongside and garnished the soup with sour cream, homemade salsa and crunched up tortilla chips. Yum!

Hope you're doing well with the challenge! What are the hard parts for you? What parts are easy? I'd love to know.

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