Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 4

On Thursday, we went to Safeway and got these items for $7.15. The Fritos were 1.29 each, the potato chips 1.49, and the Dr. Pepper was .49. That totals $7.14, but somehow I ended up paying an extra penny. Sigh...

I know! It seems like in the summertime, our cart always looks like we eat nothing but junk. Meanwhile, we are getting peas, lettuces, greens, zucchini, onions, potatoes and sweet cherries from the garden/orchard at home. We purchase very little produce in the summer, but we eat it like crazy!

So, our food for Thursday was as follows:

B: cereal and milk, peanut butter toast, fresh plums
L: homemade fried rice (click here for recipe) fresh sweet cherries, milk/tea, the last of the birthday cake
S: homemade barbecue on 100% whole wheat buns, homemade slaw, corn chips, frozen pineapple chunks, Dr.Pepper/juice
Snacks: raw peas, sliced cheese, apple wedges, graham crackers

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