Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3

I started the day picking peas and lettuces. Once I got the English peas shelled and the sugar snaps prepped, I froze 6 pints for future use, plus we have some to use right now. Gardening saves us a lot of money in the summer because we have so many foods fresh from our garden. Canning and freezing the extras helps us year-round.

We still haven't been to the store. We may go tomorrow, as hubby saw a sale on chips and wants those for his lunch.

Breakfast today was cereal with milk for Little Bit and green smoothies for both of us. Hubby had cereal this morning as well (he was up very early to leave for work.) I made clean-out-the-crisper smoothies, consisting of canteloupe, watermelon, frozen pineapple, frozen strawberries, a little juice and greens from our garden (romaine and cos lettuces). It was tasty, healthy, and it helped de-clutter the fridge!

In the spirit of making even more space in the fridge, we foraged for leftovers, and decided to make fried rice (which will also be leftovers) tomorrow. Today, Little Bit had half a PBJ she had saved, carrots and celery, fresh cherries and juice. I had leftover macaroni and cheese with ham, a green salad and ice water. Hubby was at work - they had a meeting today, so they provided lunch. He took some fresh cherries (from our tree!) to share with his co-workers.

Supper was all things Mexican. I made some taco 'meat' (we buy a dried soy product that is flavored - it's one of the things we get from the co-op), refried beans (again, dried, from the co-op) and then shredded lettuce from our garden. I chopped a tomato that our neighbor gave us when they went on vacation (they didn't want it going icky in their fridge), got out some shredded cheese and made some really yummy salsa from pantry items and cilantro and onions from the garden. I sliced olives for Hubby and Little Bit, put out taco shells, tostada shells and tortilla chips, and we all made different things. Hubby had a nacho plate, I had bean-lettuce-salsa-tomato tostadas and Little Bit had a meat-cheese-lettuce-olive taco.

Her bedtime snack was apple, graham cracker and milk. Through the day we nibbled at cherries, raw peas and we had an ice cream cone in the afternoon.

I'm thawing some cooked dark meat turkey to combine with some leftover pork roast - I'll add some sauce and we'll have BBQ sandwiches, homemade slaw and frozen pineapple chunks for tomorrow's supper. This is one of those times when having a menu really helps - if I didn't know what we had planned, I wouldn't know that there's not enough pork for the BBQ...and so I wouldn't know to thaw the turkey (when you combine them, add the sauce, you really would never know!).

Also, I have a quart of buttermilk in the fridge. If it's cold tomorrow, I may do some baking: biscuits, scones, who knows what else!

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