Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 12

Last night hubby brought home a late snack he picked up for us at the drive-thru. I adjusted the amount we spent for the week by that amount ($4.25)

I stopped to get milk and some snacks that were on sale this morning. I went to self-check because the lines were long at the regular registers. After I scanned my stuff and then scanned my coupons, the machine spit out 15 cents and a receipt. I was actually paid 15 cents to shop!

We ate our meals at home today - I didn't have breakfast (I wasn't feeling well) and I'm not sure what my family had, as I was out doing some errands.

Lunch was homemade Lo Mein, with whole wheat noodles and lots of vegetables, mostly from our garden!

For Supper we had homemade pizza, carrot sticks, ice water to drink and ice cream for dessert.

Snacks were cereal and milk, raisins and crackers.

I did some canning tonight - I put up 7 pints of 'Dilly Beans' - a dill pickle green bean. This will be enough to last us an entire year. They are a treat, but something I'd never buy at the store, because they are $7 a jar! The beans and the dill are from the garden, and the only other ingredients are garlic, cayenne, vinegar and salt, so it didn't cost much at all to make them. Even figuring the cost of the jar lids, they probably come to about 12 cents a jar.

Tomorrow I'll be canning cherry jelly and cherry syrup. I'm dehydrating sour cherries that have been sweetened, so this is a way to make use of the resulting syrup as well. If there is enough, I may even make some lollipops. We even have (non-food) plans for the cherry pits - waste not, want not!

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