Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 13

I picked up a few things at the store and we went out for supper, but we did not spend a lot of money.

At Walmart I picked up some 2l. Pepsi, price matched at 59 cents each from another store. I also picked up 2 bags of pretzel sticks and a really big jar of minced garlic - probably a year's supply! I plan to make some more pickles soon, so I'll need garlic for that and for tomorrow night's supper. Total spent: $8.22

We went out for supper tonight as well - Chick-Fil-A was giving away sandwiches again, this time with a donation of 2 canned goods for the local food pantry. We went downstairs into our food pantry, chose six cans, and got three sandwiches free. We bought one large waffle fries to share, and we drank water, so the total for the three of us to have dinner out was $1.88.

Our meals today:
B: Homemade breakfast burritos or omelets, cherries, milk or water
L: Leftover homemade pizza from last night's supper, fresh fruit, water/tea/juice
S: Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, fries, water.
Snacks: Graham crackers, cherries, cheese, juice.

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