Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 1

For some strange reason, I had it in my head that this started on the 17th of the month. I wondered why it was starting on a Friday....good thing All You sent out an email reminding us of the first day of the challenge!

No spending today - we stayed home for the most part, working on projects around the house. We had cereal and milk for breakfast, fruit midmorning. Lunch was leftover broccoli salad - I had it with a little leftover steak, all mixed into a big green salad, and hubby had it with a chicken patty sandwich. Our daughter had the rest of the leftover steak, a leftover baked potato and some green salad. Supper was smoky roasted pork, rice an mixed veggies, followed by some dobash cake for dessert.

Yesterday was hubby's birthday, so the cake, steak, potato and broccoli salad were left over from that. We do our best to utilize our leftovers the following day for lunches, so they are not wasted. If something doesn't get eaten, it usually ends up going to our chickens, who love the treats! They give us free eggs in return. (We sell enough eggs to pay for the feed, so the eggs really are free for us.)

We are also getting some things from the garden: lettuces, peas, greens and onions. We'll be eating home-grown green beans pretty soon too!

On Day 2 we are going fishing. If we catch some, that helps with the grocery bill as well. Breakfast will be at Chick-Fil-A - they are giving away FREE chicken biscuits, so we'll get those through the drive thru and take fruit and drinks from home. We'll eat that on the way to the reservoir where we're fishing. I'm also packing a picnic lunch - turkey sandwiches for the grownups, PBJ for the little one, pretzels and chips, carrot sticks, fruit and water to drink. Supper might be fish, but if not we'll broil some chicken and eat it with leftover rice/potatoes (each person can choose) and the remaining mixed vegetables from Day 1.

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