Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 16

Not a lot of excitement to report, but we did buy carrots and celery today. I also picked up some Jack Links chicken nugget-y things that were free with the coupon from All You Magazine. They are buffalo style, nice and spicy and slightly addictive.

Anyroo, we spent $1.82 for the head of celery and the pound of carrots.

In the "I can't believe we got yet another Freebie from Chick-Fil-A" department, well, yeah, it was free breakfast Tuesday. Hubby had some lab work to get done, so after that we took our hungry selves over to Chick-Fil-A for free chicken minis. It's a chicken nugget inside some super-soft bread that's brushed with honey or syrup or something. As odd as it sounds, it's tasty, and you get three of them. We got them via the drive thru, and spent exactly zero.

So, that was breakfast, which Little Bit supplemented with some dried fruit and strawberry mini wheats.

For lunch, Little Bit had peanut butter raisin oatmeal, one of her favorite foods in the whole wide world. Hubby and I had veggie burgers on homemade buns, some tortilla chips and cucumber pickles.

Supper was meatballs in sweet/sour plum sauce, brown rice, zucchini and onions and a pear crisp. The meatballs were homemade, the plum sauce home-canned, the brown rice from the pantry (bought at the co-op). The zucchini and onions (OK, it was shallots, actually) were from the garden, and the pears were home canned from last year. It was an easy meal to put together and tasted good too!

Hope everyone is doing well with the challenge!


  1. How do you get all the freebies at Chick-fil-a???

  2. Beth, they had banners up for the month of July - they were giving away a free breakfast entree' each Tuesday morning. Since my hubby works an unusual shift, we planned some things around that - we went fishing one Tuesday morning (and stopped for our free breakfast items) and he went in to have some lab work done on another Tuesday morning (and we stopped that morning as well). In addition, they did a food drive for our local food bank - bring in 2 canned goods, get a free sandwich. There are three of us, so we brough in six cans and each got a free sandwich. Finally, every year they have a special 'dress like a cow' day when you can get a free meal or sandwich (depending on how far you want to go with dressing up for it). If you go to their website you can become a member and get notices about some of these things...and if you watch at sites like www.moneysavingmom.com you can learn about the other promotions. Hope that helps! :)

  3. thx..I registered...love free stuff!