Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 18

We did some shopping today while we were out doing other errands. Here's what we got:

2 cans chef boyardee ravioli (free, plus 22 cent overage after coupon)
2 packages tyson chicken
1 package jack links chicken pieces
3 packages hormel pepperoni (price matched)
almost 1 lb. fresh jalapenos

Cash Spent: 14.34
Coupons Spent: 11.67

Meals today:

B - Oatmeal with peanut butter, raisins and apples, milk.

L - Leftover lo mein with whole wheat noodles and vegetables, brownies.

S - Hot dogs on homemade buns, homemade baked beans, carrot and raisin salad.

Snacks - popcorn and hot cocoa (pepsi for me)

Tomorrow we'll pick up a few things when we're in town - I'll report them then. :)

I picked green beans, and I have almost enough to can 7 more quarts. I'll prep these tonight, pick a few more tomorrow and can them in the afternoon or evening. It has been cool this week, but we're still getting plenty of things from our garden.

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