Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still going!

I ended up getting 20 of those sale chickens last week! 19 of them are in the freezer, and we ate one. We had roasted chicken a couple of times, barbecue chicken pizza, and chicken noodle soup, all from one bird. It ended up being 4 meals, plus we still have enough chicken noodle soup for today's lunch.

This week I was able to get some $3 off coupons for Smithfield bacon, and it's on sale at Safeway for $3. Bacon adds a lot of flavor, so a little bit goes a long way. Free bacon is a good deal!

I also plan to pick up some ramen noodles for 10 cents a pack at Albertsons. I don't like them much 'alone' but you can add things to them and come up with some nice things. Since they keep forever, it's a good thing to stock.

Mostly, though, I'll be picking up various sale/coupon deals at Target. I can get some fresh apples (ours aren't ripe yet), bananas, snack foods, etc., and I have a gift card (from a recent buy this, get a gift card deal) that I can use for the money part!

Today I dug Yukon Gold and Blue Colorado potatoes. I have 3 buckets of them to cure and store. We have some summer squash that is still producing (even after all the hailstorms of late) and a few green beans as well. Soon we'll harvest turnips, rutabaga and carrots too!

Anyway, I'm still 'here', just busy! Have a great day!


  1. Well I actually remembered my coupons and used them. Unfortunately here we don't get the amount of coupons you do. Canadians don't seem to use coupons that much. But I used 7.30 in coupons PLUS got a 25 dollar gift card for spending the amount I did.

    The cashier was NOT happy to see my coupon stack. She was like "are you sure you want to use them now?

    But if I count the gift card as a coupon I got over 30.00 of use in coupons. One of the other stores within that grocery store family had turkeys on for .99 a pound so I bought 3 with the gift card.

  2. I have read that Canadian manufacturers don't offer nearly as many coupons as they do down here in the US...but gosh, you did GREAT, even with a less than enthusiastic cashier! Way to go, SW!!