Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 20

We had a really busy day today, but never left home - so no spending! I made six half-pints of cherry pit jelly. We'll probably eat some and use some as gifts - it's so pretty, I may save back a jar to enter at the county fair next year!

The pantry is filling up for the year - I'm stoked! The garden is producing well, and our apple trees look good too. The peaches are getting big on the tree - we're going to net that tree tomorrow to keep the birds out of them.

Today we ate:

B: Cereal with milk.

L: Assorted leftovers, like baked beans, brown rice, veggie sticks, etc. I had a hot dog, Little Bit had PBJ on wheat, and hubby had some Portuguese sausage.

S: Tongkatsu Chicken, brown rice, green beans with new potatoes. Ice cream for dessert.

Snacks: Raw veggie sticks, cheese and crackers, cookies.

I've got to menu plan for the upcoming week, and I think we may run to the store for a few items tomorrow. More soon - thanks for reading! :)

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