Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 26

I did some shopping today - at Target I used a gift card that I'd gotten for buying pet food, but I also used coupons to save. Target has a coupon on their site for $1 off of 1 lb. or more of bulk apples. I got some braeburn and some jonagold apples - just over a pound of each type, to maximize my savings. The cost for the apples worked out to about 64 cents a pound. I also saw some 'kid size' ice cream cone cups, and decided to give those a try.

Cash spent: 0 - I used a gift card to pay the $3.22
Coupons spent: 2.00

At Albertson's I was able to combine a sale and coupons to get Blue Bunny ice cream for $1 a carton (1.75 quart size). That's a great price, so we put some in the deep freeze. If I can get more coupons, I may pick up more before the sale ends. I used some other coupons combined with sales to get canned tuna, nutter butter minis (hubby's lunches), oyster crackers, frozen potato rounds, a cantaloupe, organic strawberry lemonade and some sausage links.

Cash spent: $16.10
Coupons spent: $18.95

Finally, at Safeway, we picked up Little Bit's WIC items - milk, cheese, juice and whole wheat bread. We also purchased 20 pounds of sugar (sale and coupons) and a carton of organic sour cream that was marked down for quick sale. We use some sugar during canning season (for peaches, plums, jams and jellies), but we are also feeding hummingbirds, so a sale on sugar is a good time to stock up.

Cash spent: $8.24
Coupons spent: $4.25

Totals for today:
Cash spent: $24.34
Coupons spent: $28.32

The bank inside Safeway has an offer - open a checking account and get up to $75 in a rebate on money spent in Safeway. You can even purchase gift cards or prescriptions with it, just as long as they are on a Safeway receipt. The accounts are one per person. I opened one, and hubby opened one, so that is $150 we will save on groceries (or possibly gift cards or gasoline) very soon. We have to wait until the debit cards arrive (about a week), but look around for offers like this!! We do something like this a few times a year, and the extra money can really come in handy. Just make sure you read and understand the offer!

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