Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When you Love them, Tell Them!

If you read this and it sounds mighty familiar, then you are probably a dear soul from Prairie Homemaker. I posted this there a few days ago, and thought I'd use it here as well. Busy day, what can I say? :)

About a month ago when I was in Walmart I thought that it'd be a good idea to grab a can of my favorite Campbell's soup - Bean with Bacon in the family size can. I love that stuff, and I always have. It's the perfect combination of beans, tanginess, smokiness, MSG and who-knows-what-else-ness.... When we get below 8 cans (the family size cans!) in our pantry, I get nervous.

They didn't have any.

Neither did King Sooper the next time I was there, and neither did Albertsons, and neither did Walmart the next couple times I checked.

I got worried that maybe they'd quit making 'my' soup in that size, so I called the 800 number on a can I had at home, and talked to a nice lady named Barbara.

She reassured me that they still make it, and said that Super Target has it, and that Walmart isn't on their search system, so they might still have it too.

Meanwhile, while she was looking all this up for my genuinely concerned self, I was telling her how it was my MOST favorite Campbell's soup since I was old enough for solid foods - like, 1967.

I told her how when I was three, they took out my tonsils, and they told me I could have all the ice cream I wanted after surgery, but when I woke up from the operation I insisted that the only thing I would eat in the whole world was Bean With Bacon. The hospital didn't have any (egads!), so my parents went to a store and got some for me, heated it and brought it in a thermos.


I even confessed that I've tried, and failed, several times, to make a copycat of the soup, but none of them are even close.

Yes, I'm that goofy. I really love me some Bean n Bacon!

Moral of the story? If you love a product, tell the company. If you have a story, share it, and there's a pretty good chance they will give you some.

Post Script: Last week I received three fantastic coupons from the Campbell's Soup Family of Companies. After coupons, I was able to get three cans of my beloved Bean With Bacon - Family Size - for four cents apiece. They are lovingly nestled in my pantry, next to the others.


  1. That is my favourite soup too! I currently have 2 cans (normal size, can't get the family ones here) hidden in the cupboard because my kids like it too.

  2. I love that soup too. I really thought I was the only one!

  3. Sounds like there are a few of us! Our weather has been cooler for a few days, and if I can get the leftovers used up around here, I think we may have bean with bacon for dinner one day soon! :)