Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 27

I worked in town today (I sub at the library from time to time), so I made a couple quick stops for some good deals.

King Sooper
1 clementine orange - free sample :)
2 boxes of Post Honey Bunches cereal and a Snickers bar (I was starving, yo!)
Cash - 20 cents
Coupons - $4
(The cereal was on sale for $1.88, but my coupons were for $2 off - the overage wouldn't come back to me as change, so I grabbed the candy bar from the display and added it to the order. The cereal overage helped bring down the price of the candy bar (which was also on sale)

Back with more coupons to put more ice cream in the deep freeze. I was going to get a couple of other loss leader items, but they were out of them. I have rainchecks for later - woot! I also got 4 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast ($1.57 a pound!)
Cash - $10.36
Coupons - $8

So - $10.56 in money, $12.00 in coupons. Love it!

I had a grilled cheese sandwich and some orange juicefor breakfast this morning. The rest of the family slept in, so I'm not sure what they had for breakfast (I was already leaving for work by then), but I know they had plenty to choose from.

Lunch was chicken sandwiches on whole wheat buns with lettuce, mayo, etc., tater tots and water/juice/tea.

Supper was spaghetti w/meat sauce and wheat bread for Little Bit, homemade jalapeno poppers (try them - they are SO good!!)for hubby and I, and fresh apples for everyone.

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