Thursday, August 20, 2009

So I got this email....

I was taking a break from my chores yesterday and decided to check email. I had a note from All You - I am one of the finalists in the Grocery Challenge!

I couldn't believe it! I printed the email, just to make it more real. I told Little Bit all about it. She said, 'Oh, good. Now can we read my Barney book?' Now that is some enthusiasm!

I spent the rest of the day giddy and nervous. What if they accidentally sent that email to everyone? What if it was a prank? But it wasn't. I sent in my receipts, some pictures (eeeep!) and a couple of recipes that I use all the time, but never write down.

Hubby is really proud of me, and that is the best part. That, and the fact that I missed the phone call because I was out digging potatoes. New York City called my house, and I was digging potatoes. Yep, sounds about right!


  1. SOO happy for you! Love that you were digging potatoes when the call came in!!!!!!