Thursday, August 13, 2009

If only the challenge weren't over!

The way I shop is weird to some. If the great deal of the week is toilet paper, that's what I'm buying, especially if there are coupons! If it's tuna, we buy tuna, tuna, and more tuna.

During the challenge, the great deals that came our way were on fritos, ice cream and pepsi, so my receipts make it look like I don't care a whit for health or nutrition. I kept hoping the sales would cycle around to something y'all would be proud of, but, eh, no.

This week, whole chickens are 57 cents a pound, starting yesterday, ending next Tuesday. I've already got 12 of them in the freezer and more to come. Too bad that sale didn't come up during the challenge!

Are you still keeping to your budget, or did you go on a spree the day after the challenge ended? It's okay, you can talk about it here. We won't tell.


  1. I've been reading this with great interest. I think you did fantastically!

    Are you going to keep the blog going like you mentioned you might? To post on how you save etc.

  2. omg, that's a great price for chicken...wish I could get a deal like that! good job!
    I AM still working our budget like we are still on the challenge...what fun!

  3. SW, I would like to keep going with this, though I may change the name of the blog after the challenge is totally over, just to make it 'my own', hee hee.

    Beth, I agree! That's a once-a-year-get-as-many-as-you-can-stuff-in-your-freezer kind of price! I'm at 16 now (though one of them is in the fridge for this week), and trying to figure out how many more I can get before I run out of budget for the month. I want to keep a little $ in reserve to finish the month too, but it sure is a good price...